Adding a news item

1. Log in

Log in to the admin system using your username and password.

2. Open the News/blog module

click on the news/blog tab to enter this module

3. Click 'Add news'

now please click on the 'Add news tab

4. Mark item as not published

Untick this box. We'll tick it again later on, in the meantime this hides the page from your website visitors while you work on it.

5. Date and time

these fields are auto completed to current time and date, they can also be changed if required

6. Enter a title

Next you  need to enter a  title here,try to use a title that best describes the describes the content of the item.

7. Enter your news excerpt

Type the news excerpt in this text field

*note above this are some basic formatting tools

8. upload a image

Click here to browse to the location where the image is stored on your computer

9. Save the page

Click here to save the page.

10. Ignore 'Meta' fields

these 'Meta' fields can be ignored for now.

11. Add content blocks to your news post.

now click here to add your content blocks to build up your news article layout.

12. choose block type

click here for the drop down menu of content block types, there are a wide range of block types available. see 'Content block types in detail' for more on these

13. add content

Type your contents into the text field here,

*note above are some basic formatting tools.

14. Now save the block

Click here to save,a green banner will flash above the 'Edit block' to confirm your block has been saved.repeat steps 11,12,13,14 as required,

15. Publish the News item

Once you have finished adding content blocks to your news item, you can tick the publish box. The finished page can now be seen by your website visitors.

16. You're Done!

You have just posted your first news blog, congratualtions !!

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