Adding a page

1. Log in

Log in to the admin system using your username and password.

2. Open the "Pages" module

The first step is to open the pages module by clicking on the "Pages" link on the top navigation bar.

3. Click "add a page"

Now you need to click the "add a page" link on the secondary navigation.

4. Mark page as not published

Untick this box. We'll tick it again later on, in the meantime this hides the page from your website visitors while you work on it.

5. Select a parent page

Select the page you would like the current page you are working on to be available from.or select top level page.

6. Choose a page title

Next you  need to enter a page title here,try to use a title that best describes the describes the content of the page.

7. Save the page

Click here to save the page

8. Ignore these fields

The following fields are optional so we will ignore them for now.

(they can be edited at a later date if required)

9. Add content blocks to your page

Click here to add the content blocks that build up your web page, there are a wide range of blocks available* to allow for a flexible layout of your page,(more on the different blocks later) and repeat as required

*For example this guide has been built using image right , this block gives a text block on the left and a image on the right, 

10. choose block type

Click this dropdown menu to see a selection of block types, highlight and select your chosen block

11. Add contents

Type your contents into the text field here,

*note above are some basic formatting tools.

12. Now save the block

Click here to save,a green banner will flash above the 'Edit block' to confirm your block has been saved.

13. Publish the Page

Once you have finished adding content blocks to your page, you can tick the publish box. The finished page can now be seen by your website visitors.

14. You're done!

Congratualations you are now well on your way to building your 'User Friendly Website'

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