Editing a page

1. Log in

Log in to the admin system using your username and password.

2. Open the pages module.

Click here to access the pages module

3. Click on the page you wish to edit

First we need to find the page you wish to edit, and then click on it to edit the page.

4. Edit page details.

These fields can be edited if required. 'meta' fields will be covered in a seperate tutorial so ignore those for now,unless you have prior knowledge of meta data.

5. Save page

Click here to save any changes you made the page details.

6. Edit content blocks

Click on the content blocks to edit there contents or content block type,

7. Hit save or cancel

Once you have finished editing the content blocks , click here or click cancel to void any changes you have made to this content block

8. Add more blocks if required

click here to add more blocks to the page.

for more detail on this see steps 9-12 'in adding a page'

9. Reorder blocks

if needed, you can 'drag and drop' the content blocks to reorder there position

10. Click save

once you have finished making changes to the blocks, click here to save the page.

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