Email documentation

If you have requested to just have your email forwaded to another account you may not have webmail or IMAP enabled. If you wish to enable these features, or need us to reset your email password, please contact us.


The quickest way to start sending and receiving email from your domain name is to use our webmail interface. This acts very much like Google Mail or Hotmail. To access your webmail:

  1. In your browser go to: http://[yourdomainhere]/webmail. If you wish you may alternatively use if you would like
  2. Enter the email address and password you were given when you opened your account
  3. Click on the "Read Mail Using Roudcube" link. You may also change your password or set an "out of office" message from this interface.


If you wish to use your email account on your smartphone or using a desktop mail application you may do so. These are the settings you will need to add:

Incoming mail server:
Outgoing mail server:
Username: [your email address]
Password: [your password]

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