Frequently asked questions

Q: I've updated a picture for an item on my website, and I'm still seeing the old picture? What's going on?

When you change a picture on your website the filename isn't changed; this means the old image can appear on your site until your browser decides to check for an updated image.

You can force your browser to load the new image by refreshing the page.

Q: I don't know what browser I am using, how can I tell? 

Q: How do I 'hard refresh' my my web page?

In order to hard refresh your page and bypass any cached files and display the web page as it currently appears on the server, simply press 'Shift' + 'CMD' (or 'CTRL' for windows) + 'R' keys simultaneously, you should now see the page reload.

Q. How do I get a twitter widget on to my web page?

simply follow the instructions below to generate the required twitter code and insert into required page:

  1. Log in here   
  2. In ‘widget’ panel on right select ‘create new’.
  3. Ensure correct user name is entered.
  4. Select height  (recommend leave at default 600px).
  5. Select theme (light recommended).
  6. Ensure ‘auto expand  photos’ is ticked.
  7. If required select link colour or leave as default.
  8. Enter the domain url of the website you will be inserting the widget eg.
  9. Click ‘Create widget’.
  10. Copy the code that has now been generated using ctrl/cmd + c.
  11. Go to you websites CMS page e.g. and log in.
  12. Select ‘Pages’ and then edit the page you wish to insert the widget in to.
  13. Click ‘add a content block’.
  14. Select ‘html code’ from Type and paste in the code you got in step 10 using ctrl/cmd + v.
  15. click 'Save' and thats it your done!
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