How do I add size options to my products

This quick guide will show you how to add size options to your products. You can also use the same steps to add color, weight or any other options to your products.  You may choose to just create a different product for each option, however where there are a multitude of options it will prove easier and less time consuming to follow these steps:

  • Start by selecting 'Shop' from the top navigation bar.
  • Now in the Side Navigation under Product management select  'Products'.
  • On this new page select the Product you want to add options too.
  • A new page will load now this page enables you to edit the item details if needed.
  • Click 'Product options and option groups' from the top of the side navigation.

Note: This new page will allow editing and creation of options for your items. however since this is the first option we are adding it will be empty list 

  • Now click 'Add a new option group' in the secondary navigation at of the page
  • Complete the form on this new page
  • Published: Allows you to decide if this option is available on your website allowing you to prepare product  options in advance of them coming in to stock.
  • SKu: if the product option is part of a stock control code for a individual item this Ticking SKu allows the order to be logged against the correct stock code.
  • Product: allows you to select which item we are adding size options too.
  • Title: allows you to input a descriptive title for your option group.
  • Your option group will now display in the data list .
  • click on the first icon after your option group. (spreadsheet with green plus icon.)

Note: you can add as many options to your option group as required by repeating this stage.

  • complete your chosen option details.
  • Published:  ticking this makes the option available on your website.
  • Options group: be default this will be set to the options group you are working within, however you are able to change this to other option groups if required.
  • Title: Enter a short but descriptive title.
  • Modifier Price: optionally enter a price value.  eg. you may want to charge £20 more then the standard price for a large size item. 
  • Modifier Percentage: optionally enter a percentage.  eg. you may want to charge 15% more then the standard price for a large size item. 
  • you can now repeat these steps to build up as many options and option groups as required,
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