Pay Monthly Websites.


One of the biggest barriers businesses face when looking for websites online is how much to pay, and what exactly you’re getting for that money. With so many different factors to consider, many web design companies seem to pluck figures out of thin air. That’s not fun for anyone!

Here at Open Door Internet we believe in making things as black and white as possible, creating the dots to ensure a joined-up solution. We have a range of different packages designed to meet the varying needs of business, with the potential to grow alongside your business. We’ve taken years of work and experience and wrapped it up in to neat little packages ready to hand straight to you, so you’ll know exactly what you’re paying with no nasty hidden costs.

What does a website include?

Promoting Your Business

A pay monthly website includes all the necessities and important bits such as hosting, emails, a domain name and a fabulous bespoke content management system so you can upload content and change your website as you please. Once you have the foundations, you can add services and build your online presence as you deem them necessary.

From day one our fantastic team will pull up the drawing board and work alongside you to create the right package for you. From the initial design, through to development and maintenance, we’ll be transparent and upfront about the bottom line. It’s a tried and tested recipe for building long lasting relationships and most importantly, it gives you a clear and actionable plan for creating a stand-out website.


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