Themes FAQ

User Friendly Websites has been built to be a centrally managed and hosted system. We've been very careful not to call it a "website builder".

That's not what it is.

Your website is already built.

So how do I change the way the website looks?

The settings module allows you to change a large number of options to modify the way that your website appears and behaves. You can, for example, use it to:

  • Change your font colours and styles
  • Choose the position of your side navigation
  • Set background colours or images for your site
  • Change the border colours of certain items
  • Choose whether your header and footer backgrounds should extend across the entire page, or be constrained.
  • Choose from a number of different header layouts and then upload your own images to those layouts.
  • Choose from a number of different positions for your navigation bar
  • Enable or disable breadcrumb trails
  • Change the size of your navigation bar items
  • Enable or disable the responsive mobile phone facility
  • Adjust the width of paragraphs of text

Individual modules may then also have some layout options associated with them. For example:

  • The eCommerce module lets you choose to displays your items just as thumbnails (three on a row) or in a list with their description (one item per row)
  • For each page within the pages module you can choose hide the sidebar completely

By adjusting the individual settings for your website you can highly customise the appearance of the site.

Are there pre-defined themes?

Yes. You can save your sites settings as a theme, and then restore them later. You can also choose from a selection of pre-defined themes to give you a starting point.

But what if I want more control than that?

The "advanced styles" section of the settings module allows you to add custom CSS to your site. This can be used to change a large number of other styles on your site that aren't necessarily accessible from the settings module.

Care must be taken when using custom styles however (particularly if you have the "responsive mobile phone" version of the site enabled) as it's possible to break your website layout by misusing these styles.

You may also be required to update or modify these styles when progressive updates to the User Friendly Website platform are released.

But I want to change the HTML behind the scenes and totally move where stuff is!

No, you can't do that. The HTML is generated by the platform, and the platform determines the layouts. There's no option for loading a completely custom HTML layout.

We've done this because it provides you with the best possible website with the least possible complexity.

So I can't make my products module have four thumbnails on a row? And I can't make my sidebar twice as wide?

We believe passionately that a key aspect of good user experience is consistency and familiarity.

The system is also being constantly maintained and developed to keep up with changes in browser technology.

We want to keep costs down for our users, which means not over complicating stuff.

Because of that we've only added the options that we feel are necessary.

But I don't like the way that something looks!

Send an email to - we want you to be happy, and if you want something to change that you can't currently change we'll happily look into it.

If it's a feature that it is possible to implement, and if we feel it would be beneficial to the platform as a whole, then we may be able to add it as a new option in the settings module for everyone to use.

If we can't, or if we don't feel it's a good idea, we'll be more than happy to explain why we've built it to look the way it has.

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