About Open Door Internet

Our small but rather lovely team are all remotely based across the Devon, Dorset and Somerset borders. For now, it means we're not tied to any office space and we can take our web wizardry wherever we like - which we've found benefits our clients immensely. It gives us the flexibility to be able to meet you wherever fits best, work the hours that your business works and of course we find it's a great work-life balance for our team.

Rob Swan

Senior Developer

Rob Fellingham

Senior Marketing Manager

Ange Swan

Business Development Manager

Our Story


The Beginning

More than 20 years ago - founding Director Rob Swan was commissioned to build his first commercial website, back when the web was for nerds, smartphones didn’t exist, and the hallways of domestic homes hummed with the beeps and clicks of dial-up modems.

Since those early days we’ve watched the internet grow and develop to becoming the beating heart of business and commerce that it has become today.


Fuelled on Coffee

In 2004 Rob Swan established a solid track record of writing trend-setting articles for web design magazines, gained experience of running a successful small agency (we were once called ‘Fuelled on Coffee’, we do sometimes wish we'd kept it with our weekly coffee spend), and spent several years gaining experience working for a range of web design agencies and clients as a PHP developer.


Training the Unemployed

Open Door Internet started with a staff of two to provide web design training and mentoring for the long term unemployed. The coffee-shop-based training scheme saw great success, and the web development arm of Open Door Internet continued to thrive – providing bespoke website and database solutions for customers.


A new platform

Open Door Internet restructured to develop the pay-monthly website platform which now serves as the cornerstone of our technical offering.

This progressive platform opened the door to far more cost-effective client relationships, where our own business success was far more closely linked to the ongoing success of our clients.


Expanding the marketing arm

Rob Fellingham, our Senior Marketing Manager, joined the core team to drive the diversification of our online marketing offering. Rob Fellingham saw that the company gained recognition as an official Google Partner and introduced a range of SEO and marketing offerings. During this period the Open Door Internet’s web and email servers moved from the USA to the UK, to ease the introduction of GDPR and future-proof our planned expansion.


Most recently...

Open Door Internet continued to grow the core team, adding a new Business Development Manager and Digital Marketing Executive to our ranks.

Our eCommerce platform now processes hundreds of thousands of pounds of online orders for local businesses every year, and Open Door Internet manages 150+ websites on our pay monthly website platform.

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